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Garmin Montana 700i Review: Motorcycle GPS Adventure Partner –

I am starting to do adventure motorcycle riding here in the Pacific Northwest, and I am a fanatic about my personal safety. I do not want to be lost; my wife wants to know where I am if I am riding alone, and if something happens and help is required, I want to get assistance, ASAP. The new Garmin Montana 700i GPS covers my motorcycle adventure safety essentials, and should I want to hike, bike, fish, hunt, fly, climb, geocache, or find my dog, it does all those too!

Garmin Montana 700i Review: Price

The Montana 700i is a hulking piece of handholdable smart GPS and satellite communications device. It is seven inches tall to the tip of the Garmin inReach satellite antenna and 3.5 inches wide to the edge of the SOS button. It has a bright, five-inch screen and weighs just 1.5 ounces short of a pound, with some of the weight coming from the replaceable, high-capacity battery.

Mounted on your handlebars, the six ounces more than the Zumo XT doesn’t register as an issue. I tested the battery from 13 hours to empty in GPS mode with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on. In low power Expedition mode, the 700i can last a week or more between charges.