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Electric Motorcycle Startup Daman Adds Two More Bikes To Lineup, Will Offer Subscription Option – Forbes

Canadian electric motorcycle startup Damon Motors is expanding their offerings with two more models and a subscription service for buyers of their tech-heavy machines. Damon’s CEO, Jay Giraud, talked to earlier this week about the bikes, and also included some details on a major technical aspect of the machines called, appropriately, HyperDrive.

But first, Giraud said that despite the pandemic, demand for the company’s bikes continues, even after the 25 $40,000 “Founder’s Edition” HyperSport bikes sold out in a matter of days earlier this year. Now, Damon is offering two less expensive models with prices more in line with competitors like Zero.

Called the HyperSport SX and SE, the bikes will come in at $19,995 and $16,995 respectively. The HyperSport (aka the HS) and the HyperSport Premiere models remain in the lineup at $24,995 and $39,995. All prices are before any state or federal incentives, which can trim the tab by many thousands of dollars.

The SX will put out 150hp with a 150 mile range and 155mph top speed, and the SE will make 108 ponies with a 100 mile range and 120mph peak, as specified by Damon. Torque across the lineup is 200 foot pounds. The new