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Hamilton police review video that appears to show officer pulling man off motorcycle –

Hamilton police are reviewing a video posted to Facebook that appears to show an officer pulling a man off his motorcycle without much warning.

Kyle Wilde, who declined multiple interview requests as he seeks legal counsel, shared the almost seven-minute video last week, writing “[a] cop throws me off my bike for no reason.”

The video — which has been edited — appears to be recorded from a camera on Wilde’s helmet. It’s unclear what happened before or after what is shown in the video. It is shot in November, but it’s unclear what day.

It begins at the intersection of West 5th Street and Fennell Avenue West. Wilde is sitting on his Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle at a red light behind a black Lexus RX250. His right turn signal is blinking.

In the video, a left-side mirror shows a uniform police officer behind Wilde running up to the motorcycle.

His police car isn’t directly behind Wilde, behind instead, another vehicle. 

The officer, still running, moves to the right side of the bike and appears to pull Wilde off his seat.

“Get off the bicycle,” says the officer, as he pulls Wilde without warning.

The motorcycle and Wilde both tumble onto the sidewalk.

Wilde said in a Facebook post that it caught him by surprise.

The video appears to show a police officer pull Kyle Wilde off his motorcycle, sending both Wilde and his vehicle to the ground. (Kyle Wilde/Facebook)

“No lights or siren, didn’t even identify himself as a police officer,” he wrote in a comment.

The officer appeared to order Wilde to put his hands behind his back and handcuffs him.

“What?!” Wilde said.