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Racer Guide Gloves Review – Adventure Motorcycle Magazine

Written by JM Staelens. Posted in Gear

Since adventure riding combines off- and on-road riding in a wide range of conditions, many adventure riders carry two pairs of gloves to cope with a large variety of circumstances. No single pair of gloves covers the entire spectrum of weather conditions or riding applications. However, when compiling my gear list for a three-month trip last year, I was faced with a dilemma—whittling down my gear to the absolute essential. The bulk of the journey would be off road, and carrying as little as possible was imperative; I couldn’t justify taking two pairs of gloves.

So, the search was on for the unicorn of gloves, the elusive multipurpose pair that could do it all. While browsing online catalogs, a friend suggested Racer Gloves, a brand I had always associated with high-quality road-racing gloves. From their Adventure line, I shortlisted three short gauntlet models: the Mickey, the Rally, and the Guide, all combining a high level of versatility, comfort and protection. The differences in design and materials were minimal, and I chose the all-leather Guide Glove, a popular model that’s been around for many years and has received good reviews.

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Protection from the elements, abrasion, cuts, and impacts is why we wear gloves. But given that I’d be riding long hours every day for weeks, comfort, fit, tactility, dexterity, and durability featured equally high on my list of desiderata. Apart from an ill-fitting helmet or boots, few things are more annoying than poorly fitting, uncomfortable gloves. You “feel” and control the bike mainly with your gloved hands, and