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The Harley-Davidson LiveWire Is Great, But the Charging Infrastructure Is Not –

It’s one thing to be let down by a disappointing product that doesn’t meet expectations. It’s much worse when a good thing—like Harley Davidson’s LiveWire electric motorcycle—is failed by bad infrastructure.

The LiveWire is a fantastic bike. It offers a unique and exciting riding experience that can’t be matched by internal-combustion alternatives. At no point during my time with the LiveWire did I wish I was riding a gas-powered machine. It was only when my ride came to an end that I started having regrets.

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Aaron Brown

My intentions were simple. I wanted to ride the LiveWire from my house in the southern Catskill region of New York State to the big city, taking the most direct route possible. A total distance of about 130 miles, mostly highway.

On the books, the LiveWire has a 70-mile highway range, but owners have seen around 90 miles while averaging between 55 and 60 mph. With a direct-current fast charging station conveniently located just 86 miles from my home, right on my route to New York City, I figured I had the perfect waypoint to stop and let the LiveWire juice up.

There are three ways you can charge a LiveWire. You can plug it into a normal residential outlet using the included charging cable; you can find a Level 2 electric vehicle charging station, which is typically what EV owners install in their home garages; or you can use a DC fast charger, where you pay per minute to plug into a charging dock, usually located in a retail parking lot. Harley claims