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Suzuki is recalling 2,040 GSX250R motorcycles over faulty headlights – CNET UK


Having a headlight malfunction on a motorcycle is bad news.


One of the most essential things a motorcyclist can do to stay safe in traffic is to be conspicuous. That’s a big part of why most modern motorcycles run with their headlights on all the time. Even during the day, having a low-beam blazing does wonders for getting people in cars to notice you. That’s why any issue with headlights on a motorcycle is a big deal.

Those issues are compounded when it’s a bike aimed at beginner motorcycle riders, such as the Suzuki GSX250R, which is now subject to a recall over concerns that its high- and low-beam headlights could fail. Specifically, there are 2,040 examples of the 2018 model year bike being recalled in the US.