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BMW Issues Two New Recalls On R1250GS & Other Models In US – ADV Pulse

BMW of North America has issued two new recalls on certain R1250GS-range motorcycles and several other models for a brake fluid reservoir cover issue and swing arm/final drive pivot pin defect. Approximately 51 R1250GS and 60 R1250GS Adventure models, for the 2019 and 2020 model years, may be affected by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) recall related to the brake fluid reservoir cover issue. Another 252 non-GS models (RnineT, RnineT Scrambler, RnineT Pure, RnineT Racer, R1250R, R1250RT, R1250RS) were also affected by the same reservoir cap issue. In addition, two 2020 R1250GS models were affected by a pivot pin defect along with another two 2020 R1250RT models, for a total of 369 motorcycles affected by both recalls.


According to the first recall defect report (20V166), certain vehicles were produced with a brake fluid reservoir cover which may not fully conform to US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. This non-compliance recall involves an optional color-specific brake fluid reservoir cap, which may not clearly state the required type of brake fluid or process for filling the reservoir. 

The second more serious recall (20V165) states that a pivot pin, which connects the final drive to the swing arm, may be faulty. During motorcycle assembly at a rework station, the pin showed signs of cracking prior to reaching the specified torque settings after being torqued a second time. It was concluded that the pin may not have been produced to specifications during a particular production period.

BMW R1250GS adventure motorcycle recall

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The NHTSA report on the first recall notes