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ScorpionExo GT3000 Helmet Review: Modular Motorcycle Touring –

The Oregon roads finally had a day of sunshine, and I jumped on the opportunity to take a 275-mile, six-hour, freeway, and mountain road first test ride of the ScorpionExo GT3000 modular helmet. I am a modular fan because I like the flexibility of being able to eat or drink while riding, and not having to take my helmet off when I go inside a gas station.

I know that some riders get itchy scalps or smushed cheeks after several hours in a helmet and can’t wait to get their helmet off at each gas or rest stop, but that isn’t me. I don’t know if my head is shaped just right, or I have never worn a poorly fitted helmet, but I have no problem keeping my helmet on for extended periods.

GT3000 Helmet ReviewOpening the box, the Pearl White ScorpionExo GT3000 in medium is secured in a padded drawstring fabric bag. It’s nice to have a way to keep the helmet and faceshield scratch- and dust-free between rides. There is a side pocket on the drawstring bag, though I’m not sure what that would be used for.

A zip-closure bag secures the warranty card and instruction manual—a good read if you have never owned a Scorpion helmet. There is info on how to take off the faceshield, pull out the